Your Trusted Legal Counsel for Business.

What We
Can Do For You

Mergers and Acquisitions

Legal counsel for buying or selling a business.

Outside General Counsel

Legal counsel for everyday operations and overall legal vigilance.

Management Consulting

Pure business consulting for business facing growth, turnaround, and potential sale.

Transactional Escrow

Trusted escrow services for large transactions.

Dispute Resolution

When finality is needed. Arbitration. Litigation. Mediation.

Attorney Services

All other business services, including: formation, franchises, partnership agreements, operating agreements, trademark, intellectual property, employment issues and more.

Nashville business law firm and Contract Attorney helping a client Nashville business law firm and Contract Attorney helping a client

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Quantum Law

Quantum Law and Consulting was founded to provide necessary legal services to businesses in a modern way.


Once the Attorney-Client Agreement is signed we provide a New Client Onboarding Packet that covers the basics of our attorney-client relationship, our policies, and FAQs to help you leverage the most out of our representation.

You can schedule a consultation online or call our office and set at time.

Coming Soon. Though we strongly advise the consultation of an attorney when engaging in business, we know some small businesses need help on a budget. We will soon offer an online store for startups and small businesses to have access to simple contracts, non-competes, etc. to fit their budgetary needs.

What Our
Clients Are Saying

"Quantum Law and Consulting provides excellent advice with friendly service. I would recommend them to anyone seeking guidance with their business. "


"Quantum Law and Consulting has been an incredibly valuable resource for me and my business. Tim Dunn has been my advocate and council in the valuation and sale of a business, as well as the starting of a new venture and all the trappings that come with owning that business. I have always felt confident having Tim on my team to make sure we are on the right track and have all our bases covered. I would highly recommend Tim and Quantum Law and Consulting to anyone looking to start, sell, or grow and maintain a business. "


"Tim Dunn at Quantum Law has assisted me with a variety of business needs. He not only helped us through the formation of our business and legal start up needs, but was able to guide us through our business plan and growth strategies as a new business. Tim was very professional, knowledgable and honest with us during the whole process."


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