Mergers and Acquisitions

When transferring a business or business assets having counsel for guidance is critical. There is too much that can be overlooked or done incorrectly which may jeopardize the transaction and open it up to issues downstream, even litigation. We are experienced and able to guide our clients through these processes effectively and efficiently. We provide legal and MBA-level consultancy through the following processes when buying, selling, or assigning a business or business assets:

  1. Preliminary matters and agreements
    1. NDAs and other preliminary agreements
    2. Structuring the transaction
    3. Strategizing terms
  2. Due diligence
    1. Ensuring the transaction can move forward with a clear understanding of what is on the table without any complications
  3. Acquisition terms and agreement
    1. Negotiating through terms and ensuring the main document drafted contemplates likely scenarios and is clear to avoid disputes
  4. Ancillary documents and post-transaction monitoring
    1. Forming acquisition vehicles, escrow services, and other supporting needs are created. Post-closing we monitor our client’s interests to ensure successful completion of the deal.
  5. and optimizing corporate structures to protect intellectual property.
Signing papers with the help of a contract attorney